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Worried that you can’t always monitor what your staff are doing with sanctioned (or unsanctioned) cloud apps and that you might fail to identify security incidents as they happen?


Apply policies to the usage of cloud services to ensure compliance and prevent data leakage. Concerned about your users’ non-compliance with cloud usage and data leakage policies?


Feel that your sensitive data could be compromised without encryption and tokenisation, that malware and threats could seep in? 


Cloud Security

What can you do about unauthorised access to your cloud data?
That’s easily solved with our strong, multi-factor cloud authentication for all your cloud services.

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Identity As A Service

Managing installed agents on mobile devices is an administrative hassle.
Remove the hassle with our data-orientated approach to classifying and protecting mobile data.​

Take a data-orientated approach to classifying and protecting data on mobile devices, without the administrative hassle of managing installed agents.​

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Mobile Device Management

Although you know that adopting cloud services will undoubtedly maximise your business’s productivity, it may be that you are concerned about the risks.

Let us help!


We can advise you how to maximise your business productivity using cloud services, while supporting you in fully understanding and mitigating the risks of cloud adoption.

We’d love to know more about your business’s specific needs.


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Cloud Strategy Consultancy
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