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Great for your peace of mind!


The best part: deployment is quick and easy, since the service itself is in the cloud.


There’s no need for you to install any infrastructure or applications yourself. Just define your policies in the administrative interface, and you are away!


The policies you configure apply regardless of the user’s location – whether on-site, mobile or third-party collaborators.


Other key benefits include:


  • A single interface to apply your policy across multiple clouds

  • Data context-based policies, e.g. applying encryption to certain data types

  • Selective access to data based on user location or device type

  • Monitoring and visibility of what users are accessing across multiple clouds


Let’s make sure that the data you’re storing are in compliance with your company’s policies.​


Our Secure Cloud Broker (SCB) solutions are designed to make sure that the data you’re storing in the cloud complies with your corporate policy.


They integrate with all the leading SaaS applications: Salesforce, ServiceNow, Box, Dropbox, Office365, SAP, AWS, Google Apps etc. 


By plugging into these cloud apps using an API, our SCB solutions scan data at rest in the cloud.​

Secure Cloud Broker

Secure Cloud Broker

Cloud security


Contact us and make sure data you are storing is safe

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