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The traditional corporate perimeter is fracturing.


It is consequently important to manage all surfaces through which your data could leak or become compromised.


Gartner estimates that by 2021 approximately 27% of corporate traffic will flow outside of the traditional corporate network security perimeter.


Enabling users to access corporate data from their BYOD device enhances their productivity. But when corporate agents are installed on employees’ devices, they are rightly concerned about privacy.


What is their employer watching? 


IT departments will also recognise the high administrative overhead and expense of managing all those deployed agents.


And, of course, they’re frequently prone to technical issues.


So, what can you do?


Our solution takes a data-orientated approach to mobile device security. Should a device be lost or stolen, with a few clicks in the administrative console that sensitive data can be wiped.


Additionally, there are:


  • No privacy concerns for users with installed agents

  • No burdensome IT administration of locally installed agents 


Find out how we can meet your specific mobile device management needs.

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Mobile Device management

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